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Volunteer Spotlight

Patricia Sanzone

by Judith Kalina, YCT Volunteer


Patricia Sanzone


What is it with our feet?  They support and carry us and, in return, we take them for granted.  With approximately 70,000 nerve endings, they should be remembered and cared for, but for most of us it is only when they hurt that we give them the attention they deserve.  Fortunately, attending to feet, soothing and nurturing is what reflexologists do.

At You Can Thrive!, we have a master reflexologist offering the expert care and calm we need.  Her name is Patricia Sanzone. A yoga therapist, reiki master and end of life doula, as well as an ARCB certified reflexologist, Patricia brings a wide array of modalities to her practice.  Her favorite form is foot reflexology.

“I have always been drawn to feet,” says Patricia.  “Something happens when I touch other people’s feet.   When you touch their feet and make that connection, people feel nurtured, relaxed and safe. And this is what has to happen for healing to occur.”

Originally a dancer, Patricia studied yoga and from there went on to explore other wholeness modalities.

Along with an interest in holistic healing, volunteering has been a strong part of her history.  When asked what brought her to to You Can Thrive!, Patricia explains that she was treated for breast cancer in 2002.  Because she was self employed at the time, all of her treatment institutional and holistic, was paid for out of pocket .  “I am here, now,” she says, “because there was nothing then and because You Can Thrive! is what it is all about.”

Clearly, Patricia’s core values of nurturing others along with her commitment to volunteering has affected many of us.  We’re very grateful.


One Response

  1. Have a great Summer, Jessica! It’s always nice to see your smiling face at YCT!

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