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Manna Lu: Inspired

Manna Lu working at the bedside for YCT Integrative Palliative Care Program in 2012

Manna Lu giving her skills for YCT Integrative Palliative Care Program in August 2012. Rest in Peace Frantzie.

A letter to the founder:

I have wanted to write this letter for a long time. I wanted to have a clear intention before putting my thoughts on paper.

First and utmost I want to “Thank You” for being my inspiration and inspiring me to leave my comfort zone.  Thank you for seeing the potential in me and pushing me to be better.

I am inspired by the vision of You Can Thrive! It’s the only foundation I see that offers the utmost supportive services for cancer patients.  I see firsthand how the integrative services benefit the clients.  What I receive from the clients and the volunteers at the center is so much more than what I give.  Each time I arrive to the center I am greeted by the overwhelming energy of Love and support, by all the volunteers and the clients.  I see smiles from volunteers, I see strength in the eyes of the clients, I see compassion on the hands of the therapist, and I see tears of joy, and tears of sorrow.

One thing I am sure of, You Can Thrive, inspires HOPE, Hope that tomorrow is a better day, HOPE that the clients become survivors, HOPE that the services offered at You Can Thrive will be part of the main stream of health care, for cancer patients everywhere.

Your vision of the future of health services for cancer patients is inspiring; the seed is planted, with the right energy, and time it will transform into the center that you envisioned.

The energy of You Can Thrive is part of me as I partake  the future of health care in my hands, in my vision, in my energy, and in my healing practice.  Thank you again for transforming me into a better practitioner.


Manna Lu-Wong, R.N., L. AC., RMT


3 Responses

  1. Beautiful Manna!!

  2. Dear Manna, I have had breast cancer three times and am facing surgery again in next month. I am at the lowest point of my life. My son is a raging alcoholic and has been through rehab twice. He just got back and is drinking again. He lives in our home. I have been going through treatments all the while trying to deal with his alcoholism. I am drained. I pray to God everyday to give me strenght. Manna I don’t think I can thrive. I see no future. I am in so much emotional pain, it is almost worse than dealing with breast cancer.

    It is so hard, but you sound so positive I thought maybe if you could email me it would help me to get through this next hurdle I have to endure. Thank you and God Bless you. Gail

  3. Hi Gail,

    Please call our offices to speak to a qualified patient advocate. We’re sorry you’re having such a hard time. 917.63.4267

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