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Jessica Nickerson

Jessica Nickerson is a volunteer at You Can Thrive.  We have all seen her smiling face and felt her calm presence at the front desk where she helps keep the day flowing for clients and the volunteers who serve them.

For Jessica, You Can Thrive feels like home.  “The first time I came here,” she says, “I found it very inviting and welcoming.  I was quickly given responsibility and was trusted with different tasks.  It gave me a chance to learn more about others and it gave me a sense of community.” Community and service is Jessica’s purpose in life.  Trained as an elementary school teacher, Jessica now works in a preschool in Chinatown.  From an early age, she was interested in volunteering, in teaching children and in “…helping others to find their own path to support and become involved in something they really care about.”

You Can Thrive is grateful that Jessica has found time to give her support.  She will be leaving for the summer to work in a farm and garden camp and looks forward to returning to us in the fall. Given her new busy schedule in graduate school and teaching, we will keep our fingers crossed.

Thank you Jessica.  Good luck!


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