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Dianna Reyes


by Judith Kalina, YCT Volunteer


The gentle, quiet, dark-eyed, dark-haired young woman who greets you at the front desk of You Can Thrive, is Dianna Reyes. Dianna, 27, is originally from Illinois and now lives in Brooklyn.

In college, Dianna studied Communications and received her bachelor’s degree from St Ambrose University in Iowa. Afterwards, hoping to work as a journalist, she came to NY. For two years she worked as a counselor for the Department of Youth.Later, she worked as an assistant in an elementary school.

Dianna comes easily to volunteering. Her long history of supporting others runs throughout her high school and college years and includes a whole gamut of experiences from getting out the vote to helping in food drives. It was inevitable that she eventually searched for ways to volunteer in her new city.

“I always understood the rewards of volunteering,” she says, “of getting out of your own head, of giving of yourself. And so, in February, 2010, I came to You Can Thrive! and have been here ever since.”

Acting as an individual and as part of her commitment to You Can Thrive!, Dianna is always seeking ways to bring the foundation to the attention of a larger audience. In April, she discovered a Wellness Expo at City College and, on her own, became one of the exhibitors, creating a table filled with pamphlets and pertinent information, meeting people and telling the rest of the world about the wonderful work You Can Thrive! does for the breast cancer community. This initiative is greatly appreciated and well beyond what is expected.

Like many of our You Can Thrive! volunteers who generously support the health and well-being of women touched by cancer, Dianna talks about receiving great rewards, of feeling part of a large family, of feeling connected and appreciated, of experiencing a sense of light, energy and community.

In her own words, she describes her experience:
What does she get? “Fresh energy; community.”
What does she give? “I hope I give the women a sense of calm and serenity, of feeling able to find a listening ear, of patience. “
Definitely, Dianna fulfills her mission. The front desk, the front face of You Can Thrive lets you know you are safe and someone is listening to you with the care and patience you need.

Thank you, Dianna. We are grateful for all you do!



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