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A New Movement

You Can Thrive! is an innovative integrative wellness and cancer support prototype built by a young breast cancer survivor and supported by the entire NYC Community. It thrives as a model program to provide access to Integrative Healthcare for all cancer survivors, starting with breast cancer.

A new movement, created to allow people of all incomes to enjoy equal access to helpful modalities in a one-stop-shop one-of-a-kind program and atmosphere. These essential support services (ie: peer support, acupuncture, massage/reflexology, aromatherapy, patient navigation, nutritional counseling, meditation and exercise) in preventative and palliative care were previously inaccessible to a vast number of underprivileged women, disproportionately disfavoring minority communities.

For those that can afford them, we’ve put everything needed focused on breast cancer under one roof. Being drained by treatment and running all over town to individual practitioners for separate appointments is no longer needed. This program allows you to find it all under one very loving roof. Donations given support the program. These services are proven scientifically to reduce symptoms associated with cancer and it’s treatments.

This foundation represents a new movement in healthcare, a space run entirely on gratitude and generosity and dedicated to making the most helpful integrative resources available to all people at a time when they need it most and can afford it least. Practitioners donate their time in service to the community, as a community, and as a result a very solitary profession turns into solidarity. We work together to create community unity which has a great power.

Please support the people who have cancer by helping You Can Thrive! continue and expand our very essential mission. Answer the poll attached see the helpful links and get involved!

For appointment or more info:

You Can Thrive!


You Can Thrive! Integrative Survivorship Center for Cancer
95 University Place (Near 12th Street)
8th Floor
New York City, NY


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