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You’ve got something to say?

By Luana DeAngelis

Cancer sucks. It’s a simple two word sentence that says it all. When I see my beautiful young friends who struggle daily with issues that are WAY bigger then having/teaching babies and getting married/divorced/hooked up, fighting with others, bigger then who can help A.B.C. or D. Bigger then anything you can even talk about.

I see my beloved friends struggle with issues about how to be happy and still smile every morning when faced with one’s own stage 4 diagnosis, about how to wake up and never let cancer steal your joy.

How about on days when the scans and scares steal your breath, and your hope– HOW do how to steal it right the FU*K back? How do you do that? Thank you for doing that. For your courage.

What do you say to someone you love, when nothing you have is as important as what they have. Nothing can compare to their daily devotion to taking another step on the right path. You listen. You just try to listen and if you do it well… You learn. You live and you learn and you learn even more from the people who leave way too soon. And you hope and hope, that the sisters you love (the 4 of them that I think of as I write this)– those in the most critical situations, can see some happiness that they so rightly deserve in the midst of this struggle with the most deadly and unworthy adversary. Cancer sucks.


2 Responses

  1. I hate cancer I can’t think of anyone who actually loves it…so I will take the opportunity that you have given to me release this hatred of the beast stealing souls. CANCER F&*KEN SUCKS!!! and so DOES CHEMO however this isn’t to discourage anyone from it, if it’s going to make you better than please…. OKAY I just vented…I have release yet another toxic thought ….I’m okay now….. love you Luana

    • I signed on, and I see this message from a lost sister, my friend, I never saw it, now you are gone…

      Vivian, I miss you my lovely amazing sister. We all miss you. You had such power. IN YOUR NAME I continue– we all continue. YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN. Each day we work together, I feel your hands on me. I love you to Vivian.

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